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Waverunna hiking pants are comfortable, rugged and great for me - I sail a Finn, I'm 110 kgs and I give mine a lot of abuse..they were significantly more expensive than the cheaper made items you can get, but worth every cent. We're allowed 'pussy pads' (thick foam / dacron material) on our side decks, too, so in combination hiking is just ace despite my lack of fitness..

David, NZL 238, Finn sailor, Dargaville, New Zealand

Waverunna hiking pants are made to order; your order!
Okay, this may seem a bit odd in our world of instant gratification but we know that you want your hiking pants to fit perfectly and to suit your local sailing conditions and since we’re making them from scratch anyway why not order your Waverunna hiking pants just the way you want them?

Customise to your exact requirements
We know you’ll still want the great features that come as standard (double thickness neoprene and reinforcing on the batten area, seat and knees) but for a modest additional charge we can customise to your exact requirements; completely bespoke [made to measure] hiking pants, a comfort zip, Kevlar knee pads, a special pocket for your car keys or cell phone? (perish the thought!); we’ll do it! You want the left front leg panel to be pink?; we’ll put our sunglasses on and think about it……

Get what you want
Either way you get just what you want, which is just how we think it should be!
Click here to give us your measurements and we’ll make you the best fitting hiking pants you’ve ever owned.

Questions or queries
If you’d like to ask to us about other customisation options just click here and tell us what you’d like.

883 Originals - Long John
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883 Originals - 3/4 Braces
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  Braces style Long John style
Standard Full length 3/4 John Long John
Standard ¾ Full length ¾ Long John
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883 Originals Yes Yes Yes Yes


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