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I chose Waverunna hikers over mass produced product because of superior material, fit and design.

Mike Woodhead, Finn sailor, West Riding Sailing Club, England.

Not all hiking pants are created equal…
We think that if you could make your own hiking pants you’d use the best materials and the best construction methods, so that’s exactly what we do for you - using our 20 years of experience!

The best neoprene
At Waverunna we use only high quality, ‘closed cell’ Japanese Yamamoto #39 neoprene. Closed cell gives you the best possible combination of durability and flexibility and Yamamoto are the most famous and highly respected manufacturer of neoprene in the world.

The best construction method
Next we join the panels together using the “glued and blind-stitched” method.
Glued and blind stitched? Sounds like a nursery rhyme!
Okay, first we glue the panels of neoprene together to prevent the flow of water past the seam.
Next we give extra strength to the seam by stitching the two pieces of neoprene together using special “hook stitching” which joins them together, but – importantly, to maximise insulation – does not pass right through from one side of the neoprene to the other. This gives the best insulation & the best product life.

The best zips
We use only the best quality YKK zips to ensure that you never have a problem.

Reinforcing and padding
It would be a real waste to go to all of this trouble to make the best hiking pants available but not reinforce them in the high wear areas and so all of our products feature extra protection where you need it most:

  • Double thickness reinforced seat pads
  • Reinforced crotch
  • Double thickness reinforced batten covers
  • Double thickness reinforced knee pads (3/4 and full length garments)

And just like the neoprene and the construction methods we use only the best; kevlar for all parts on our 883 Originals and a combination of extra strong double knit nylon and kevlar on our 882s.

The result
The combined process gives you maximum strength, insulation and garment life without compromising flexibility – hiking pants that will handle all sailing conditions and give you faithful service for years to come.

Other materials and construction methods
What can we say?
Not all manufacturers share all of the details of their materials and construction methods, but we really think you need to know so that you can select the best possible hiking pants……
Our accountants would love us to switch to cheaper Chinese neoprene put together using the over-locking, flat-lock stitching or mauser stitching methods but we prefer to continue to supply our customers with the quality that they want and deserve.

883 Originals - Long John
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883 Originals - Full Length Braces
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  Braces style Long John style
Standard Full length 3/4 John Long John
Standard ¾ Full length ¾ Long John
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