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I like the Waverunna range of styles - you're the only company that do decent long pants with built in hiking pads.

Nick Craig, three times OK Dinghy World Champion, England.

Alistair Deaves wins the final race of the OK Worlds 2011 at Largs Sailing Club, Scotland wearing his 883 Originals Long Johns.

The home of hiking pants
We are the original home of neoprene yachting hiking pants (also known as hiking shorts); we invented them and were the first to make them, then we got ISAF approval so that everyone could benefit from our simple yet clever idea.

The best materials and methods
Waverunna hiking pants are made using only the very best materials and construction methods by people who know and care, right here in NZ.

Famous sailors
The list of young Kiwi sailors who originally helped us to develop and promote our hiking pants now reads like a "Who's Who" of sailing:

Dean Barker Stu Bannatyne
Russell Coutts Hamish Pepper
Craig Monk Rod Dawson

Made to order
Our hiking pants are made to order, meaning that we can offer customisation at very competitive rates. Why not get exactly what you want?.

Personalised service
We offer a prompt, personalised service and guarantee our materials and workmanship.

Waverunna Product Range
We offer a variety of styles from standard braces for the warmer climates through to the long john for the coldest in two great ranges; "882s" for warmer conditions and "883 Originals" for cooler conditions. Both are made using the best quality materials and the best construction methods. For an overview of the various products click here or if you already know what you need then please click on one of the icons or boxes below to be taken straight to that product:
883 Originals - Long John
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883 Originals - 3/4 Braces
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  Braces style Long John style
Standard Full length 3/4 John Long John
Standard ¾ Full length ¾ Long John
882s Yes Yes Yes No


883 Originals Yes Yes Yes Yes


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